I’ve Hand Picked 10 Classic Fingerstyle Guitar Songs And Made Them Nice & Easy For You To Learn! Interested?

Perfect For Beginners On Acoustic Guitar


Dear Friend,

This is what it’s all about isn’t it? Being able to play songs on guitar where the tunes are instantly recognizable and so rewarding to listen to. The vocal melody is there, the chords and harmony are there, the bass is there… yet it’s just you alone playing guitar.

Many of you have already put a lot of practice into your chords, strumming, rhythm and so on… but where to go from there? The problem is that too many guitar courses go from being “very easy” to being very hard without any warning or easy ladder to follow. It’s just not realistic for most students to do.

If you’ve already been through my last course Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons then I’m happy to give this course to you as the next step in your journey towards mastering this beautiful style of guitar playing!

Here’s What’s Inside…

I scoured through songs looking for the ones I could make the easiest fingerstyle arrangements for. I did this because I know how important it is for you get something which is within your technical range to learn and play. Otherwise what’s the point right?

Well, I broke these songs down, stirred a little magic, and came up with simple arrangements which are easy to learn. Most importantly, I haven’t overwhelmed you with complete songs but rather give you bite-size portions which will be so much easier to consume.

By following this step-by-step process you’ll be walking down a path of consistent little success stories and that my friends, is how you stay motivated on guitar and wind up getting really good!

As you come of out simply “learning” fingerstyle patterns and make the transition into actually playing songs you need this kind of crucial ‘stepping-stone’ to get there.

The Song List

  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon and Garfunkel
  2. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley
  3. Close To You – The Carpenters
  4. From A Distance – Nancy Griffith
  5. Hey Jude – The Beatles
  6. Love Me Tender – Elvis Presley
  7. Michelle – The Beatles
  8. True Love Ways – Buddy Holly
  9. When I Need You – Leo Sayer
  10. Yesterday – The Beatles

The Package Includes

10 Video Lessons will walk you through how I play each piece in note-by-note detail

A Fingerstyle Guitar TAB book you can print out to follow along with the video lessons, in no time at all you’ll be playing them like me too.

Learn your first fingerstyle guitar songs and amaze your friends and family with how good you’re starting to sound on guitar!

A Very Special Bonus

practice guitar bonusI’ve been teaching students just like you for long enough to know that sometimes the going can get pretty tough when it comes to learning guitar. When it feels like your not making much progress and there’s something you can’t get past no matter how much you practice it… it’s only natural to feel down and lost your motivation.

My special bonus is all about how to deal with this common issue – it’s like my pep talk to you, yes YOU!

In this video I’ll walk you through some ‘home truths’ about the process of learning guitar like…

  • How I once believed I had no talent for guitar too!
  • What all successful students have in common when learning to play – and it’s not talent, trust me.
  • How to deal with failure and disappointment on guitar and why it’s inevitable for everyone.
  • The key to practicing without emotional attachment – this is very important.
  • Why perfectionists fail and the “big myth”. If you’re trying to get step one perfect before moving to step two you’re doomed to failure!

Test Drive This Course 100% Risk Free

I really want you to try this course! Not least because I know that for many of you it’s going to be one of the most enjoyable things you’ll try all year on guitar. But I also realize that the internet is full of empty promises and I don’t expect you to just blindly take my word for it.

So I’d like to give you this guarantee.

Download the course and try it out for a full 30 days. If for any reason at all you don’t think its giving you everything I’ve promised on this page then simply email me and I’ll quickly and quietly refund every penny of your purchase in full, no questions asked.

And you can still keep the course just as my way of saying “thanks for trying it”.

Here’s What To Do Next

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What’s the worst that could happen? You try it, don’t like it and get your money back OR… you learn how to play all these beautiful guitar songs just like me and never go back to strumming chords again!

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